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Hydronic Heating Repairs

Hydronic heating systems do not typically require much maintenance; however, it is essential to perform servicing to ensure your system is efficient and avoids costly repairs down the road. Typically most systems require a simple service once each year to help keep them at peak performance and top condition.

What takes place during a service?

When checking your heating system, our primary goal is to eliminate any risk of losing efficiency, make sure your systems are at top-notch quality, and fix any issues that could develop into costly repairs if left untreated.

How often do I need a service?

To keep the system at its top efficiency and condition, we recommend a minor hydronic heating service every two years. We check your system to ensure no leaks or buildups could pose a threat and ensure the system reaches the optimal level needed to provide you with the best efficiency.

Every five years or sooner, if needed, we recommend giving the system a power flush and chemical treatment to ensure your pipes are clean and provide the proper flow while preventing rust or your pipes from becoming compromised.

A typical service includes:
• Checking for Air in your system. The air within pipes can encourage rust and decrease the efficiency of your system.
• Checking the pressures of substances in your system. If the water or gas pressures are not at optimal levels within the tanks, this can result in a lack of efficiency or even damage to your system.
• Checking for and fixing any leaks in the system. Leaks pose a significant risk to the system and your home and health if left untreated.
• Checking the quality of water in your system. If the water does not meet the quality requirements, the system may need a power flush to prevent sludge buildups in the system.
• Checking the temperature of the system. If the system is not hot enough to reach the required temperatures, it may need a power flush.
• Replacing malfunctioning boilers and radiators. One of the main culprits behind your system not reaching desired efficiency or temperature could be a malfunctioning boiler preventing the system from meeting your needs.
• Power flush the system to remove any buildup of sludge or any gunk from the system panels. This is typically done once every five years or if needed to keep the system in top condition and maximum efficiency.

What is sludge?

One of the biggest threats to your hydronic heating system’s efficiency is sludge. Sludge is the buildup of materials within your pipes that can block water from flowing naturally through the system. We clear sludge by power flushing the system to ensure that water can freely flow through your pipes and deliver perfectly balanced heat throughout your flooring.

The Experts in Hydronic Heating

If your system requires either a minor service repair or full maintenance check, give us a call at 0438 269 873 or submit an enquiry to see how we can help your hydronic heating system today! With nearly 50 years of experience providing warm floors to the homes of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, trust the experts in hydronic heating system repairs.

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