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Hydronic Slab Heating

Hydronic Slab Heating / In Screed Heating

Using hydronic slab heating, your whole floor can become a heating element making your home warm and comfortable. This type of heating helps with large open areas such as bathrooms, living and dining areas built on concrete slabs. This underfloor heating system excels during the colder seasons when sunlight doesn’t provide much warmth for your home. Having hydronic underfloor heating helps you have comfort and peace of mind throughout winter with a reliable heating system. 

You can think of your slab as a giant battery under your home full of heat. Typically, it takes most of a sunny day to get the slab heated to a comfortable level. Adding this system within your foundation helps boost your slab to the target temperature, which can help conserve additional energy from your traditional heating sources and make your home more energy-efficient.

Hydronic in-slab heating works by installing hydronic water pipes within the slab during construction or in screed heating piping installed on top of existing slab construction. The piping is laid in a snake-like pattern moving across the area that requires heat (up to 400 square metres or more). This method provides warmth across your floors, keeping you comfortable in your home.

When your heating system has been activated, your room thermostat will send heated water from the boiler and then pump it through the piping under the floor, transferring the water’s heat at approximately 50 degrees celsius to the slab, thus heating the entire floor. This is similar to how brick homes transfer solar heat after the sun has set during a hot summer day. 

This system is allergy-friendly as there is no air used in the system, preventing allergens from being transferred throughout your home. If you are building a new house or adding an extension to your current home, take a look at the benefits and comfort having a hydronic heating system could provide. Give us a call at [add phone] or submit an enquiry to get in touch with us today! 

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